Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting bored now.

Admittedly I've only given it a day and a half but Microsoft WPF is starting to bore me. OK it is probably very nice for making pretty pictures but as a basis for making thing that work it is a backward step. Or at least sideways.

The Windows.Forms namespace goes back to the beginning of the framework. There are gazillions of coders out there who know the object model backwards and it works most of the time. Wouldn't it have been a great idea to build the presentation host stuff on it? You'd have thought so wouldn't you. But the chaps and chappesses at Microsoft didn't. I accept that doing media rich stuff that will run in either the presentation host or a browser needs a new paradigm but it would have been nice if it used an existing and well known model. They have broken at least two of the tenets of Object Orientation to bring use something that might work if you are willing to fiddle with it for long enough.

I started to  list the things that were wrong with it but I've decided to pick on one. The nice thing about strongly typed code is that "if it compiles, it runs." I know that there has been a move back towards mutable types (you can replicate this already in the framework, just declare everything as object.) But WPF doesn't have mutable types. It's just pretends to...

Unfortunately Silverlight has tipped over to over 50% market share so I think I might have to persevere...

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