Monday, March 2, 2015

Is it time to dump Left and Right in discussing poilitics?

The terms left and right are bandied about and arguments still rage about Hitler being extreme right or extreme left. Pol Pot, extreme left or extreme right? Mao? Tsian Kai Check? Ciaucescu

What if it doesn't matter?

What if it is not a continuum with left at one end and right at the other? A one dimensional view.

What if it is more like a circle with extreme left and extreme right pretty well aligned in their dogmatism and desire for control? The two dimensional view.

So what is the on the other end of the diameter of the circle from extreme left and right? A lack of alignment. Apoliticism. The ultimate freedom from dogma and tribal politics. Once upon a time the distinction could be drawn because the left want state control of commerce. What if the right do to but by a different means. By regulation rather than ownership?

Just saying.

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