Thursday, January 8, 2015

Grim Day Yesterday

So here's the thing...
Yesterday a whole bunch of people were killed in Paris because of some ink marks on bits of paper. The killers feel justified and righteous because there these ink marks made fun of their beliefs.
It seems there is a bunch of people who are happy to live in old testament times. This is the state that IS, Taliban and Boko Haram are promoting on the African and Asian continents and as brutal as they are the time when the European and North American continents could act as world police dealing out justice abroad is well and truly over as witnessed by the results, or lack of them in the catalogue of recent African and Asian exploits. Imposing our values on other countries is not going to work any more unless we are prepared to admit our aim is to wrest sovereignty from them and become an imperial powers again. That time is past. The crusades were 700 years ago and we live in a different world now.
So what is to be done if they try to export old testament beliefs to more civilised countries? Go into  full Christian patriot mode and start a holy war? That is what some keyboard warriors would like to see I am sure. My opinion is that we should unleash the full force of the justice system on them. Becoming as brutalised as they are can never be the answer.
I have no idea how many 'terrorists' the UK is harbouring. I have seen numbers that say 700. Given that more than half of these are gobby kids who have no intention to take up arms we are left with a few hundred in a population of 64 million.  
I don't feel terrorised.
So let's take a deep breath, stand back and look at ourselves. Try and stay civilised people. And think for yourselves. Being carried along with the mob is not your only option.

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