Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Akademic Shokalsky

If you are going to argue you need facts

There have been lots of words written about  These are just facts. I present them to you without comment:

  • There is a ship stranded in ice in the Antarctic. 
  • It is mid summer in the southern hemisphere.. 
  • The Guardian and the BBC are represented on board. 
  • Along with eco-activists and scientists. 
  • The mission was a scientific one.
  • They said so when they failed to raise public funds through croudsourcing site (they raised $1000)
  • There were two icebreakers trying to break through to them. 
  • One of the icebreakers seems to be stuck itself and the other one is trying to free it but making only around 10 metres an hour. It has about 3 nm to cover
  • The BBC has reported that a third icebreaker is on its way. The USCG has failed to confirm this.
  • The chief scientist on board is claiming the ice that is trapping them is caused by the warming of the Antarctic. 
  • The thermometers are showing a cooling trend.
  • The same chap runs a company that seeks to make money by carbon capture
  • His family are stockholders
  • 100 years ago the area they are in was navigable.
  • The BBC and guardian would like you to think it is a cruise ship, they are either not allowing or deleting comments that contradict their view of the world.

I am  not a scientist. But I hope I can think critically and I know where the facts are leading me. 

You can refute the facts above present new facts. I have evidence to back all of these. If you want to join the discussion make sure you bring some evidence to the party. 

The truth will come out when someone has to pay for it all. The finger pointing has started already. Don't hold your breath though maritime insurance claims can go on 20 years or more.

Update Noon 2nd January

  • The 52 passengers have been airlifted by Chinese Helicopter to Australian icebreaker.
  • The crew remains on board.

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